The Outstanding Woman Lawyer Award is given to honor a local woman lawyer who has seven years or more of work experiences and who actively promotes the advancement of women both in the profession and in the community.  The Rising Star Award is also given to honor a local woman with ten or fewer years of experience.  The recipients are honored at the WLA March meeting during Women's History Month.

To nominate candidates, please fill out the form below.  In addition to completing the form, you may also email WLASLO a resume, recommendation letters or other supporting documentation about the candidate you are nominating. For more information about the award and its criteria, email WLASLO at 

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OWL Award Recipients: 

Erica Flores Baltodano (2018) - San Luis Obispo (The Baltodano Firm)

Patricia Ashbaugh (2017) - San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo Public Defender) - SLO Bar Bulletin Release

Jan Marx (2016) - San Luis Obispo (Faculty, San Luis Obispo College of Law & former Mayor of San Luis Obispo)

Jennifer Alton (2015) - San Luis Obispo (Alton & Allen, Inc.) 

Alicia Valdez Wright (2014) - San Luis Obispo (SLO County Family Law Facilitator)  

Jacqueline Frederick (2013) - Nipomo (The Frederick Law Firm)

Angie King (2012) - San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo Senior Legal Services Project)

Rising Star Award Recipients: 

Kara Stein Conaway (2017) - San Luis Obispo, (Stein-Conaway Law Firm, P.C.) - SLO Bar Bulletin Release

Janet Wallace (2014) - San Luis Obispo (Duggan, Smith & Heath, LLP)